Saturday, July 29, 2006


penguinfeatures: we *so* need a studio

frogstar: we so do!

penguinfeatures: a big airy studio..

frogstar: can we have one in melbourne please?

penguinfeatures: absolutely. *thinking* wouldn't that be great.. to hire some industrial space and actually have a studio

frogstar: that'd be so great. and we could do it if we really wanted to...

penguinfeatures: we could. we could slowly fill it with equipment

frogstar: let's make that a mid-term goal. live in the same city and have a studio together, hehhe

penguinfeatures: second hand pottery wheel.. some big tables.. storage shelves.. find some potter who'll let us fire in her kiln.. a printing press thingie.. *really wants to explore printing*... tools and space for book binding.. and sewing.. we need to sew more

frogstar: we could have an espresso machine in the corner even. near the coffee table and armchairs.

penguinfeatures: ohhh yesss

penguinfeatures: *puts that particular point to number one on the list*

frogstar: yes yes yes!!!! this is sounding bloody faaabbbbulous! mmm, yeah, we need a printmaking mentor. someone quirky and fun and really really good.

frogstar: if i had it my way i'd turn our bathroom into a studio. it's so bright and sunny! i could put a big table where the bath is. leave the basin, good to have running water on hand...

penguinfeatures: you do have a wonderful bathroom

frogstar: grow a big plant in the toilet bowl. put a pottery wheel where the shower is. *nods*

penguinfeatures: not a cactus though

frogstar: noi!

penguinfeatures: that would take all the fun out of wees

frogstar: heheh, i was thinking of maybe not doing so many wees in there after the plant went in. something big and leafy that cast great shadows at night time when the dim light was on (i love plant shadows...)

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