Saturday, July 01, 2006


venus flytrap close
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aah, at last another illustration friday to keep you entertained!
this week's theme is sticky. this incidentally is a detail of the larger drawing... but the photo of the whole thing is blurry and i just wanted to get it posted rather than mess around figuring it all out perfectly.
i've been very creative of late, doing lots of little bits and pieces, and more importantly feeling GOOD about it. (heh, typo averted... i'm not feeling quite 'god' yet)
today i've been out sketching at the museum and looking at strange old stuff. go on, have a look at the devil dog vase on my flickr. somewhere over there -->
after some wandering of the arts centre market i sat myself down with a coffee and my current read (colour, victoria finlay, i've mentioned it before) and spent a good hour or so just chilling out and enjoying my own company. nice way to spend a saturday.
i've been inspired to pick up the Artist's Way again, buddied up with a certain creative minkey we know and love. yay!
till next time...
*love and hugs*

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