Tuesday, July 03, 2007

delete delete delete

you don't need to know that. if you already read it, well.. yes. you know.

it's a beautifully sunny blue morning here in brunswick, perfect for wandering over to lygon street for coffee with the infamous 'jo'. she suggested Sugar Dough, which is great as i have been meaning to check it out for a while now.

crap, i think i have an age spot on my hand! that is worrying. more so than the grey hair (damn my super-fast-growing locks, already the greys are sneaking back). hmm actually maybe it's just a freckle. i am very into freckles at the moment. one in particular, on the back of a certain neck.

i am excited to be having coffee with michelle twice this week. today at Five, one of our faves in the city, and thursday at Retro on brunswick st. scene of our 5+ hour coffee-and-cake-fuelled-sitting-down-marathon. i hope our waitress is working.

i bought flour and sugar yesterday, inspired by vetti's gorgeous baking display at work. stockpiling for when i have a functional kitchen, soon may that day come! i will miss frey and dele, but i will *not* miss much about this shitty house!

there's a plumber on the roof at the moment, hopefully fixing the leak above my bedside table. fingers crossed, because the last guy to attempt it wasn't up to the challenge. does it seem odd to you that a plumber would fix a roof? it does to me.
ok, the prognosis is that the whole roof is rooted and my ceiling will eventually cave in. brilliant! thank the gods i'm only here till september.

right, time to eat toast and entertain frey.

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