Thursday, July 26, 2007

hello lovelies
i have been in the outback for the last 3 days, visiting the vicstar.
i had the best time.
i haven't felt so relaxed in ages. that laid back country town feel, warm sunshine, friendly people, the company of two fine dogs, and hours and hours spent with someone i care for deeply. yesterday i smiled my way around town in tshirt and no shoes, happily soaking up the sunrays and enjoying the sensation of muscles relaxing after being tensed through all this cold weather. mmmmm.
on tuesday evening we watched a magical sunset from a sculpture park, truly breathtaking. sitting on the rocks beer in hand, watching the colours of the desert change as the sun moved towards the horizon. from hot orange and dark green to a more subtle palette of muted greens and purples under a soft blue sky, i am still blown away by it.
i fell in love with the landscape and the lifestyle.

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