Monday, August 06, 2007

hey peeps
i'm at the airport, very early, killing time until i can jump on a plane and go home.
can't quite believe that in a few hours i'll be back in christchurch, how exciting is that?! i am going to be a very busy girl, so many wonderful people to see and so much coffee to drink. hooray, what a treat.
i am a tad worried as i am unable to turn my computer on.. i hope it's just out of battery. the thing is, the wiring in my house is tres dodgy and i am thinking i might've somehow fucked something up. eek!
(ahem, excuse my poor use of the english language, i blame the headache i've had for the last WEEK).
not much i can do about it now, except hope like crazy that it sorts itself out.
i really have nothing much to say!
but still, 15 mins left at the "new kiosk" so i might as well ramble a bit longer.
no, actually i won't. i am sick of reading back over posts on here which read like a learner driver backing into a parked car. lame lame lame.
bye, and i'll write again if i ever have something worth saying.

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