Thursday, October 18, 2007

my favourite reaction to the previous picture thus far is this one from my dad...
"Well shut my mouth ! That is one hell of a lid. And a well composed shot.Would love a print of it to frame up."
it's another warm day here in tib, currently sitting on 32 degrees. i made the mistake of raking the yard this morning, bring on the beetroot face. the local tv station does midday movies and now i know why, anyone with sense is inside at that time of day!
i got my first pay today. phew. it's good to be earning again, life is pretty inexpensive out here but there are still a few costs. like beer. and really really ridiculously expensive vegetables. and a loaf of boring old supermarket bread costs about $4.50! we're going to try and get an account with a supermarket in broken hill, at least that way i'll be able to buy things like soy milk and sundried tomatoes and other essential items. :-)
oh, melbourne folk, anyone feel like doing me a favour?


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