Saturday, October 06, 2007


hello blogfolk.
well last night was a bit shitty. so this morning i got up early and walked down to the swing dam (about 15 mins away) with a drawing pad and a pen. i sketched leaves and had a think and a cry and then i wrote this.

i'm sitting on the bank of the Swing Dam, under the shade of a beautiful silvery gumtree. there's a breeze, enough to send ripples across the buddy water.lots of birds here today - sulphur crested cockatoos and those pink and grey gallahs as well as noisy black birds and what look to me like welcome swallows. many a game of chase is unfolding overhead, accompanied by much jeerying and name calling! australian birds are so loud. i can hear a kookaburra too, though i'm yet to spot it. the ants have been on the move the past few days, apparently that could mean rain (i'll believe it when i see it!) or a dust storm brewing. they're big ants here, about 1.5cm, with a tendency to bite.

i'm glad i have this place to escape to for quiet time alone.

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