Monday, July 11, 2005


staff dinner last night: sumptuous wine, fabulous food, delightful company. one of those nights that just *works*. we have a good crew at the moment. which is a lucky thing as piko is about to be turned upside down.. it's expansion time. think mud, drills, machinery, planks, tripping, excavation. think stress, think mania. think a brand new play-space for the pikolettes in a few months.
exciting times.
so anyway, the title of this post no doubt has you intrigued.
i work with a few people of non-english-speaking origin. and obviously this can lead to much mirth and confusion... often simultaneously. our dutch friend had, a few weeks ago, been regaling some of us with her story of when she met a beaver last year in holland. "so cute!"... "so furry" ... "so soft!" ... "suprisingly big" ... you get the picture. she was impressed, and stoked to have met her 'first beaver'. mwahhahahaha, oh the fun, the laughter, the sniggering, the belly-holding... eventually we let on. she was suitably embarassed, and admitted that it did explain the odd looks she'd previously received on telling this fine tale.
well last night we were recounting this event, in the company of two german workmates. *blank looks*...*giggling from the dodgy crass kiwis* .. the highlight was when german-one realised that we weren't actually going to tell her what a beaver was... and stated to her girlfriend (let's call her german-two)... "no beaver tonight then" which point T lost her drink. yes, sprayed a mouthful across the room.. choked, spluttered, scarpered. leaving us to at last enlighten our german comrades. aah, how i love the ins and outs of the english language *happy smile*
i just thought i'd share that little gem.
oh, and the other highlight.. i almost forgot.. was when T opened a bottle of champers and killed a fly. poor wee thing never saw that big old cork coming. and the funny bit: T felt *bad*. bloody vegan.
hope you've all had a weekend as joyous as mine.

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