Monday, July 04, 2005


setting the scene: family dinner, all the girls (an aunt, 2 cousins, 2 sisters, mum, grandma, the token bloke.. my uncle). random inconsequential conversation. food. drinks (non alcoholic of course).

grandma: things have changed since my day you know
everyone else: *murmer murmer* oh yes, have they...
grandma. yes. like the gay marriage
everyone: *silence* *edge of seats* *furtive glances at the queer* (erm, me)
grandma: i mean.. *pause*... men with men. or even.. *pause* women with women.
everyone: *more glances*
me: *sniggering but trying to hide it*
grandma: *big pause*.. it's just that individually they can be SUCH nice people
everyone: *...*

yup, that's it. she elaborates no further. conversation returns back to building permits and haircuts and the history of christianity.

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