Sunday, September 18, 2005


Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. have a book published
2. spend time in mexico
3. yoga
4. exhibit paintings (mine)
5. love being me
6. own a business
7. drink coffee with michelle

Seven Things I Can Do

1. sarcasm
2. type with all my fingers
3. make a girl cum
4. get stuck
5. cook quinoa and couscous to perfection
6. hold a tune
7. speak proper ( i just choose not to)

Seven Things I Can Not Do

1. any sort of gymnastical move, including headstand
2. hold back giggles
3. roll my Rs
4. speak another language
5. eat mashed parsnip
6. be nice when i don't mean it
7. changer a washer

Seven Things That I Find Really Attractive About The Opposite Sex

1. their arms
2. their solidness
3. their ability to change washers and the like.
4. they can be cute and geeky and all shy and stuff
5. their height
6. there must be something else... *wracking brain*
7. i'll get back to ya.

Seven Things That I Find Really Attractive About The Same Sex

1. their hands
2. their bodies
3. their gentleness
4. their freckles
5. their strength.
6. their laughter
7. their sounds

Seven Things I Say The Most

1. wot?
2. 4 o'clock
3. you're cute.
4. fucksticks
5. cool.
6. hello, piko wholefoods...
7. i don't know, sorry

Seven Books I Love

1. the bone people, keri hulme
2. on mexican time, tony cohan
3. clear your clutter with feng shui, karen kingston
4. the devil's cup, stuart lee allen
5. the fires of bride, ellen galford
6. the blue lawn, william taylor
7. whale rider, witi ihimaera

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