Tuesday, September 06, 2005


ouch ouch ouch
what do i do now? her [ex]husband has started sending me emails.
i'm fucking shattered. no idea what to do with this.
i'm not replying to them, but i sure as hell don't want him to keep writing to me.
there's only so much of this i can take. the guilt is pretty immense right now, i feel like a fucking loser. and i know that it's mostly
his shit not mine, but fuck it hurts.
i just want to be curled up with people who care about me and i can't have that, i've got to keep this damn smile on my face and pretend like i'm coping just fine. and right now i'm not. i want a fucking hug. so so so much.
what the fuck do i do now?
tell me, someone.

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