Thursday, September 15, 2005


meee: check out this pic...hang on...
meee: a car did this. it's the barbadoes side of the building.

fb: woah. That's full on
fb: I take it the car is worse off?
me: yeah. and they took out this too...

me: so no power... which meant no tills and all the coolers were becoming salmonella-storage-units
fb: yeech
me: yuppers
me: we assumed it was a boyracer, luckily it happened before any of us arrived. pretty full-on start to our piko day thought! police and insurance guys and guy trying to reconnect power..etc
fb: did they catch the boyracer?
me: then a couple of hours later this older guy comes in and tells us it was him.. taxi driver. swerved to avoid ducks. hehe.
me: he was really cute .. said "i'm a vegetarian and i had to avoid the ducks and i can't BELIEVE i hit a vegetarian store" hahahha
fb: classic!
fb: that's so brilliant
me: poor guy, it must've really shaken him up... it was a pretty hearty smash
fb: you *have* to blog that
me: yeah, guess i do huh.

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