Monday, January 30, 2006

i is doing this coz she say so.
Four jobs I've had
bread creator (ach! the early starts...)
door to door sales tart
seller of classy pre-loved attire
organics bitch

Four movies I can watch over and over
priscilla (heh, a cock in a frock on a rock)
love actually (i'm really just a big softie)
frida (every moment is a visual feast)
the bbc adaptation of pride and prejudice (i know it's not really a movie as such, but have you *seen* jennifer ehle in that?)

Four places I've lived
christchurch (home)
sydney (fast, tacky, hot, great)
melbourne (also fast, sophisticated, arty, somewhere i could settle)
in my head (eeeeeeeeeee!)

Four TV shows I love
black books
six feet under
um, i don't watch a lot of tellie...

Four places I've holidayed
okains bay nearly every summer as a kid, and some since
the UK, with a few days in paris (yum)
the far north (sounds epic eh?)
punakaiki for a dirty weekend

Four of my favorite dishes
good bread with vegan anti-pasto
ahem, tracey
new potatoes, boiled, with asparagus on the side

Four sites I visit daily
mine (because i haven't managed to set it up to get email notification of new comments) (also for obsessive comment checking, but no one loves me there so i needn't bother) (i'm such a housewife) (home is where my mail is)

Four places I would rather be right now
marahau with my girl *sigh*
a cafe in sydney drinking a good coffee with a bad boy
mexico, nourishing my senses
early december last year

Four bloggers I am tagging

ach, well thank the gods that's over.
i spent the weekend in the lucious golden bay, and i'm not very happy about being back. not least because i left Girlie there.

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