Friday, January 13, 2006


so, yeah, i started going to the gym last week. i've been maybe 4 times now. i don't hurt too much yet. i can't be bothered writing anything. here's something funny and sort of relevant though. go on. read it.
in other news, i hate my job and want to walk out but i'm too responsible. but not so responsible that i can hold my tongue when a customer is being a right cow. i escalated a situation tenfold yesterday by speaking my mind. oops. she's a regular pain in the arse, and i told her yesterday that maybe the problem was with her, not us. very inappropriate and i regretted it almost immediately as i realised i'd just made things worse for my workmates. doh.
aah well, fuck the lot of them.
i wrote a letter to vanessa the other day and i don't think she's going to get it. piss. and i'm all freaking out like about maybe moving north with girlie, committment. eek. eeeeek!

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