Friday, February 17, 2006


[artwork by the charming and mulit-talented michelle]

what to say about darling sweet jeff today. birthday boyo... super-friend extraordinaire, partner in crime, coffee buddy, the other half of my joke, bloody irritating prat... all that good stuff wrapped up in a very pleasing package. (hehe, did i say package? *g*)
j, you in turn brighten my days, and lurk in the dark corners with me when i don't have any desire for sunshine. you listen to me ramble, you tell me to get a grip, you laugh at me, you laugh with me. hell, i laugh at you too to be fair.
we've got a good thing going, kiddo.
and there's lots more chapters to come, i promise. you're in my heart tonight as i write this, wishing i could be there with you to celebrate. i'm sending you my deepest love, and you can cash in on birthday hugs when you're next here.
i love you babe.

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