Friday, March 24, 2006


i have this friend, corrina. we met a few years back in melbourne. we had a ball, in the company of a couple of english lads. out of a diet of cheap wine and vic's $3 backpacker meals grew a cool wee friendship between the four of us. she had a crush on steve, i had one on oli. the next year she visited me at home in nz, before disappearing off into the blue yonder. we didn't email each other very often, just those once in a while nice to hear from you kind of emails.
at some point last year she emailed me again about this life coaching course she was doing... she was so happy and vibrant (well, when isn't she?) and full of love and life! and... she came out to me. *g* funny thing is, she didn't know i was comrade in arms. so that was brilliant, a bit of a giggle. we're back in contact (aargh, i should write more i know) and a couple of days ago i received in the post a big parcel from the UK. yay! a lovely letter and 3 old copies of diva, a brit dykemag. hooray for her! what a sweet unexpected suprise.
i'm loving having her back in my extended worldwide circle of friends.

(she's got a website too, but it's not up and running just yet)

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