Monday, March 26, 2007

6 days and counting!
143 boxes and counting!
4325 deep breaths and counting!

i went back to work today, it was strange to go there and realise that i really have left, and i really don't miss most of it! the staff, yes. the job? nah.
i'm enjoying being unemployed for a bit, though of course i am way too busy to really enjoy it. busy avoiding packing. ;-)
i'm sort of thinking about maybe just getting temp or casual work when i get to melbourne, which will leave me with a bit of freedom to go up to sydney for a few days to see the fishmeister and a few other friends from days of yore. maybe broken hill too, if i can persuade a certain cowgirl to drive me out into the desert.

plenty of time for settling down, i reckon.


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