Friday, March 23, 2007

i'm counting down the days, blogpeeps.
must be about 8.
(hey, i never said i was counting them well!)
then it's me and melbourne and a whole new exciting adventure.
it feels truly strange to be unemployed. strange and good.
i'd love to be unemployed for a couple of months, but i shall be needing to find work pretty sharpish when i land in melby.
oh, now here's something to make you laugh. true story. the last thing i ever said to a customer in my career at piko was "i don't want to hear it, just get the hell out of here."
and then i locked the door, did a jig, and bid a fond farewell to the place. it's felt more home than home for a long time.
it seemed that i was coping with leaving a lot better than some of my workmates. poor wee minkeys, what'll they do without me to get rid of those late-to-leave fuckers?
then i went to WOMAD which was so freakingly fabulous that i'm not even going to attempt to describe it just yet. suffice to say that mariza blew my mind.
and now i'm back, after much driving and only one speeding ticket. back to a whole lot of stuff that needs organising! today i managed to sell my car and sort out a few things, but it's the packing-stuff-into-boxes-and-getting-rid-of-stuff-i-don't-want that is going to kill me if i'm not careful.
wish me luck and fortitude and all things sugary.

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