Thursday, March 29, 2007


i'm just going to rip off the email i send victoriaimhleas.

"i've been packin' like a mad thing all day... the end is in sight methinks... yay!
yeah, it's hard work alright, especially the memory stuff. who knew that paper could be so exhausting!
i have a lovely friend arriving for dinner and distraction in an hour, looking forward to that. i may even open a bottle of wine! (quite a rare occurence for this frog)
i am excited in a not-sure-it's-really-happening sort of way... i'm sure it'll hit home soon enough though! my little sis arrived in melbourne yesterday, i got a real big wave of excitement/emotionalstuff when she texted me this morning telling me she was on a mission to find coffee. our deal is that i will buy her all the coffee she can drink in our one week overlap before she gets on her flight back to europe.
so yeah, looking forward with a sparkle in my eye... and trying not to feel too sad about what and who i'm leaving here in nz."

oh, and i had a cool thing happen today. someone i quietly admire told me that she wanted to be my friend (shit timing eh). made me smile, i had no idea she had registered me on her social radar at all. so yeah, cool bananas to that.

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