Sunday, May 20, 2007

hello blog
i'm having a great day. work was a lot of fun, i am becoming friends with my workmates. good times! so good to be back in an environment where i'm laughing and relaxing and getting stuff done while having a blast.
i'm glad i made this move to melbourne. last night i was so homesick, knowing that many of my friends were partying together. i'd have loved so much to have been there with them. but it's ok, because i'll go back to visit. i hope to make it back at least once before the end of the year, maybe in september. making friends here makes it easier. it actually scares me a bit, imagining going home to chch and then having to tear myself away again, would it make me miserable on my return to melbourne?
oh well, i have at least a couple of months to get my head around that one.
i've been spending time with one of my housemates. somehow we always come around to the subject of embarrassing things we've done in the past. or relationship fuck ups! many many many. all good though in retrospect, i can't say there's much i regret.
oh, apart from the brisbane holiday... haha.
ok time now to go and eat vege soup with my sister and watch The Holiday... oh lord, what a shit film that is. i had the misfortune of watching it on the plane over here.. and now she's got it out. oh well, i shall smile and enjoy at least chilling out for a couple of hours. she's a good sister and it's nice hanging out with her.
goodnight, blogpeeps.
love to you.

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