Thursday, May 03, 2007


so yesterday i ate porridge (which one should NEVER pay $8.50 for, no matter how good it may be) at Caffe a Torte (or something) with mich whose company of course was brilliant, as ever.
then i scuttled down to southern cross station and found me a train to geelong. it took about an hour to get there, which was fine as i had a good book (the poisonwood bible, not to be mistaken for the moosewood cookbook!) and an incredible beautiful girl on the seat across from me. i sent my buddy jai a text when i was nearly there and she said she'd come get me. cool bananas!
in the time i had before she was due i wandered around johnson park and geelong gallery, both of which are lovely. there was an exhibition on by a guy from queensland, don't ask me his name, but the show was called some thing like in the gardens of good and evil. brilliant colours. his series series of waterlily paintings were like revved up monet, bright almost fluorescent yellows and hot pinks and turquoise. yum!
so jai arrived and texted to see where i was and after a brief game of hide and seek we laid eyes on each other.. for the first time in the real world! it really is quite a bizarre experience to meet someone for reals who you've been communicating with via various techmalogical mediums for years.
she is bloody awesome, really she is. what a darling.
she took me back to her place in clifton springs and i got to meet her lovely girlfriend alex and their kids (one boy each, a 13 year old for jai and a wee cutie 5 year old with a french accent for alex). it was so nice to spend time with them all, and i felt really at ease just hanging out and enjoying their company.
that's the cool thing about making friends online, when you finally do meet if often just feels totally normal.
i'll visit again soon. for sure.

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