Thursday, May 10, 2007


tonight i rekindled a friendship with a man i haven't seen in six and a half years. my dear sweet 'uncle' tim, with whom i shared many a mad night out when i lived here in sydney back in 2000.
i cringe to think of that drunken teenager i was back then ~ i was lucky to have tim keeping an eye on me. he looked out for me and made sure i didn't get into too much trouble, and we had a whole lot of fun together!
so here i am, seven years since my first foray to aus, a very different girl indeed. such a long way away from that drunken teenager with her tongue down a different boy's throat each weekend. how embarrassing to remember that and to know that last time i saw tim that's what i was! luckily for me he must've seen more than that, seen enough to stay in touch when i moved back to nz at the end of that year. we haven't had a lot of contact, but enough. an occasional email along the lines of hello i still think of you , love you, etc. and finally finally we found the opportunity to meet up again!
i'd wondered briefly if it'd be awkward, if too much had changed, but no, he's still the same dear tim. it was such a wonderful experience, sitting there with him catching up on each others lives, and realisng that all the time in between meet-ups doesn't matter ~ we're the sort of friends that can just pick up where we left off!
what i had planned on being "a drink" became a long evening out, walking and talking and listening to a brilliant gypsy band at The Basement. i bought their cd as much to remember tonight as for their beautiful sounds.
i know now that tim and i will stay close, and i'll see him whenever i come to sydney. i'm so thankful for his friendship.

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