Friday, April 16, 2004

well, an interesting couple of days i've just had. and when i say interesting i really mean AWFUL but i'm disguising it with that disguise-all-real-opinions word "interesting".
yesterday consisted of coffee with two old friends, followed by a visit to work (day off... but where else would i rather be??), closely followed by a large amount of crying. and some staring at nothing. and more crying. yes, at work. i tried to leave but they wouldn't let me. probably a good thing, no doubt i would have managed to kill myself or someone else if i'd tried to drive in that state. lucky for me my work buddies are looking out for me! not surprisingly i wasn't the only one feeling crap, so the 3 of us ended up going to the beach to clear our heads. or something. it kinda worked i think. and marce was great when i got home, made me dinner. i sometimes forget what a good friend he is.
today started off much better, got to work at about 9, worked solidly for most of the day, stopped to think for a minute, and experienced a severe case of brain-meltdown. not so good after that.
and now here i am at my parents' house, secluded in the study with this faintly buzzing box, trying to get my head together.
and in other exciting news... fishboy is out of here[hair] like a bald man on sunday. wooo. [note the sarcasm] gonna miss that boy...
too much probably. damn it, i get too close to people. need to keep distance. keep safe. shit.

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