Thursday, April 29, 2004

it was ok. pleasant. nice. (all those words which sum up to mean, well, nothing much)
feel pretty blah about the whole experience. yes, we got along fine. didn't really click in that old way. probably not enough time before he leaves again to rebuild a decent friendship.
i'm not sure i want to write a lot about it on here, at least not at the moment while i'm still unsure of how i feel.
spent most of the day moping around work (not actually working, just there for the company). am not feeling that great. surprise.
i have a sneaking suspicion that if i went to a doctor some sort of medication would be suggested. it's not really healthy to be this sad for this amount of time. this is the longest spell of down-ness i've had in a ages... and today is the first day i haven't cried in at least a couple of weeks.
what do you do? well, i guess you keep plodding along, and keep hoping things will start making sense again. fingers crossed.

Love Sick

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