Sunday, January 25, 2004

hello hello. if you know the wee ditty by the cats empire please imagine the first 2 words of this magnificent blog entry in a cats empire-ish manner. got it? no didn't think so. o well, at least i know where i'm coming from.
here's an unexpected (byt pleasant) surprise... i went along to a working bee at work today under the impression that we weren't going to be payed for it, but turns out we are. yip-yip-yippee! note to self: try to avoid all situations from now on that require one to clean solidly for 4 hours. especially if they fall on a sunday morning (i work with a bunch of fucking masochists!)
staff dinner tonight, eek. though i'm sure it'll be a great feed. just the peoples i'm worried about. i think they're already cottoning on to the fact that i'm not entirely sane, so i won't need to put on too much of a pretence at normality. phew!
this blog stuff is turning out to be quite an adventure. and people seem to be reading this! wow.
thanks to matt and frank for commenting... puts a smile on my dial. and a bit hello to kirsty-the-sexy-bitch! come visit my world again soon!
gotta go, just glanced down at the clock and realised i'm about an hour late. oopsie, sorry dana.
i bid you adieu

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