Wednesday, January 14, 2004

hello. another day, another shite entry. i can't decide whether to go for the serious diary approach, or the total ludicrous piss-take approach. so for now, a bit of both. guess it doesn't really matter seeing as no-one bloody reads this anyway. except for j of course, my number one fan (actually he just enjoys hassling my spelling, typing, general being) (thanks, babe, i'd be lost without your stirling support).
so, i talked to my dear friend in london this morning. her boss is shouting her a 2 week trip to new york. alright for some, eh? think i might've got into the wrong line of work. all i get is the occassional free gently molding onion. bah, humbug. only prob with the nannying idea is that i don't like kids much (or, if i'm honest, at all...)
i've started this other blog, but am not giving you the address, it's good fun. and if anyone finds it and realises what it's all about i'll probably meet with a lynch mob on a dark and stormy night... eeeek! aah, the fun. the adrenalin! internet espionage...
i've decided that i know quite a lot of cool people. though i don't let on that i think much of them... that would be telling. so, people, you may be able to count yourself in the category of people i think are cool, but then again maybe you're not on that list. heh.
gotta go, the conversation behind me is getting interesting. ta da ducks.

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