Wednesday, January 28, 2004

i'm going to dunedin this week-end, yippee! i really do love that city. and the pre-raphaelite exhibition is a very good reason to be going. and seeing ana too. and doing a roadtrip with jeff and samadhi and luci. pity dana can't come, that would've been extra cool.
i got an invite to steve and v's wedding today. how exciting! it'll be the first wedding i've gone to since the age of approximately 9.
bought a new phone today, at last... (thanks for the b-day cheque grandma!) it's purdy.
speaking of which, lisa and steve have gone and got themselves a very cute wee puppy. and i've kind of got a cat...
okay, here's the moral dilemma. do i assume that the cat has a home, and try to find it, or do i just leave it be and try not to encourage it too much? the thing is, it's been hanging out at my place for the last few days, skulking around looking hungry, slipping in when it can, and sleeping outside the front door. what to do? help! (by the way i actually quite like it so please no-one suggest that i do away with the poor thing)
have been exchanging a few texts with greg of late. (nice boy, lives in oz at the mo, haven't seen him in ages) will be very cool to see him at the end of april. and a damn shame that the fish-whisperer won't be here too. :-(
tried to ring greg last night but the phone (his i think) was doing weird shit. bummer.
i'm going to go now, my neck is aching. and i need to figure out how to get home (didn't drive into town, am now at the family mansion[heh] with no wheels to get home by).
ta ra ducks.

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