Thursday, January 08, 2004

hola amigos y amigas.
buen nueva! ha ha, that's about the extent or my espanol.
i'm now a 'wage slave'. thanks for pointing that out so frequently, dearest fishboy. yeah, so i'm working at an organic shop with a bunch of very likeable dykes (though how many are actually dykes is yet to be assertained).
got an email today from a gorgeous thing i haven't heard from in ages. she's all sprogged up... (a cute wee thing, as far as sprogs go... ha ha, sorry to all those parents out there... or should that be "sprog herds"?)
hmm, anyone who has read that tripe labelled "effing the ineffible" lately may have been privvy to some incriminating information about myself. we did sleep. and gazed at the stars. what's dodgy about that? nowt. and yes, it was a good night.
tonight i (and other unmentionable trollops) made a random aussie's experience of chch a little brighter. heh. good fun talking about porn with a stranger... he took it all very well, in fact i think he might've actually enjoyed the encounter.
saw my serene friend today, he's lovely. mmm. shame he's not 'lovely' too.
well, my pretties, i must bid you farewell. for now. until later. hasta la vista, bebe.

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