Sunday, January 18, 2004

busking. what a crazy way to earn a living. and by crazy i don't mean bad.
i'm trying to plan a 'party-ish thing' for my birthday. not much fun, i really can't be arsed organising anything. so, here's the official invite... please come. will probably be a very small gathering as the only two people who seem to read this are jeff (who is busy with [ex]wifey that night) and some guy called frank.
**hello frank, how's things? i'm not in a nasty mood today, sorry if you were hoping for garbled evil revenge plans or something of that sort. and thanks for the comments, made my day ;-)**
i might be able to score a relatively cheap studio at Space gallery. cool bananas! must check it out soon, and make a decision. it's a tad scary... if i actually have a specific place for doing my art i might actually have to, well, do my art. eeek! good scary though.
enough for now, i have other things to attend to... (heh heh, wouldn't you like to know...)

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