Friday, May 21, 2004

last night i hacked all my hair off. again. it grows to a certain length, and then i impulsively chop it off. good feeling. and, to make the experience more memorable, i created a lovely mullet at the inbetween stages... and took a photo. if i can figure out how to do it i'll post it on here some time. hee hee, it was *so* fucking bad.
feels great to have short hair again. and i have a great hat to cover it up with. the thing i'm least looking forward to is all the comments from customers at work. *sigh* o well, i guess that's what you get when you do something different. and don't get me started on a rant about that! [us humans are so damn good at keeping each other in boxes, no room for change or growth, so stifling]
...well, i told you not to get me started.

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