Monday, May 10, 2004

this is how meaningless my life is: i just flicked through a Homecare ("we bring the store to your home") magazine, in the hope of finding a blender-cum-grater-cum-neckmassager, or something equally worthwhile on which to spend my hard-earned money. gaaaa!
honest truth? i'm really fucked off today. hated being at work, all those damn customers, even began to dislike my workmates towards the end of the day. grrr. then i came home to surly flatmates, and a message to call the landlord because our rent is fucking up. WHY CAN'T MARCE OR BEX DO IT??? apparently i am the only one for the job. hah. and it also pisses me off that whenever i get home, no matter of what time of night or day it is, billy bob is outside in the cold. so, yeah, i'm feeling a bit anti towards the flatmates tonight. though bex did just give me some chocolate, so she gets a couple of points. *sigh*
i'm all funny about what i post now, feel like i need more substance in my writing... o god, i'm getting insecure about this, along with everything else. joy.
maybe i'll quit blogging. (yuck, such an ugly word, blogging)

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