Thursday, May 27, 2004

a very much shortened version of the children rant... what is this obsession with procreation? look at the world you're bringing them into! wake up!
and this is from the Press (tues, may 25)
a) *mothers who let their violent partners bash their children face jail if they stand by and fail to report attacks, a judge warns*
this mother is a primary school teacher. someone who, one would assume, actually quite likes kids. she watched as her partner broke the baby's leg. and ribs. didn't do a fucking thing.
b) *drug addict stole children's piggy bank* ...ok, so this one isn't quite so disturbing, but still. the judge said "this must have seemed like pennies from heaven for you". hmm. i wonder about the intelligence levels of judge colin doherty. or maybe he thought it was actually funny. anyhow, another shit thing happens to a kid. wooo.
c) *grief-stricken parents are angry at an 'insensitive' christchurch city council letter asking them to remove decorations from their children's graves*. and rightly so, methinks. this particular couple have been told that their child's grave needs to be used as a space to temporarily place soil for a new grave. nice, really fucking nice.
please note, dear readers, that these 3 stories are all within the first 3 pages of yesterday's paper. i chose to read no further.

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