Friday, April 20, 2007


i'm moved. i'm mostly settled.
i've been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning, trying to get rid of the ghastly dog-smell. *shudder*
i think it's a little less potent now.
i'm not even going to grumble about it, it is so not worth spending any more energy on that problem tonight! i'm looking forward to sinking into bed and reading for a while, by the light of my new red lamp. everything is new... new pillows quilt sheets mat lamp everything. i can't imagine how anyone could live in that squallor! there was no way in HELL i was going to use that bedding. yeeaarruugh. oh, no, i'm not talking about that. oops!
so in the morning i plan on heading down to Ceres to check out the farmers' market. i haven't been there yet, and it's one of the places i was most excited about going to. i'm hoping it's a good walkable distance, i don't think it'll be more than half an hour. or bikable. i have to go and get my new old bike from the 'scray and take it over to ceres actually, they have a bike repair shed where they help you fix your bike at minimal cost. yay to that i say!
i had a thought earlier. my friend C was up in brisbane for a wedding and i was trying to persuade her to fly home via melbourne. i haven't heard from her, so i guess that's not happening. what a fuck-off, i haven't seen her in so long and it's crazy to miss each other when we really are so close!
i'm feeling the lack of physical contact, big time. i haven't had a decent hug in weeks. let alone anything else.. heh. i think i may have to find myself a plaything.
any suggestions as to how one goes about that in an unfamiliar city?

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