Tuesday, April 03, 2007

well i made it to melbourne.
it's big, i'd forgotten just how big.
i'm staying at my sister's place. it's revolting! it's smoky and dingy and smelly and the kitchen makes me queasy. so yeah, glad i'm not here for the long haul.
it'll be much better once i've moved into a nicer place with nice people, in a nice suburb. today all i want is a bit of nice.
i'm still in the mindset of "when i go home".. but hey, i'm not going home. or not for a while i think. i'm being careful about not thinking too much about what i miss. it's not fair on myself, of course i'm feeling a little shaky at this stage. it doesn't mean that it's all bad here, or that i should go home.
shit, i'm rambling. the cramps suck.
mich arrives tomorrow, hooray to that. and tomorrow i get to go and check out my 99% probably new flat. it'll be ok, right?
oh, if anyone wants to text me my number is +61449137680
i'm not sure if everyone got the text. please tell me who you are if you text. i'm trusting you all on that one... no crazy people please!

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