Friday, April 13, 2007

hello blog
i write this to you from a loud and stuffy internet cafe, surrounded by boys playing some online strategy kill people lame-arse game. god, i am so not up with the cool kids!
i have things to blog about but, to use a grandma phrase, i can't FUCKING hear myself THINK!
so blogging for proper will have to wait for another day.
i've been doing more wandering and nibbling and sipping with michelle, we're very good at that. found two fabulous cafe's today, one of which is approximately a minute's walk away from the house i move into next week. hooray! it's called La Paloma and is very quaint and front-room-ish and there's a record player on the counter, spitting out scratchy flamenco and jazz. i loooove it.
i can't write any more.
i can't write anymore.

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