Friday, April 06, 2007


well the day got off to a weird and less-than-perfect start but it did pick up.
helen and i ate yummy yum-filled bagels in an alleyway filled with fashion victims (argh, the '80s!) and the coffee was smooth and warm. we found a shop that sells moleskine books. we also looked at expensive boots through a window, and contemplated buying scratchie tickets.
h got on a train and i got on a tram and sat with michelle outside the melbourne museum in carlton gardens. if it wasn't a holiday we'd have gone in and looked at stuff. instead we watched a seagull die, but i'm not writing about that because this post is focussing on the good things that happened today.
we walked and walked and saw beautiful buildings and quirky grafitti and a woman with a dog talked to us about the weather. she was young and stylish and had bandy legs, and her dog was big and yellow.
michelle lead me all the way down brunswick st to a cafe called retro (i think?) and the turkish bread was nice and so was the coffee. and on the way home i stopped to buy groceries and the friendly greek man gave me tahini for free because i didn't want a whole big jar of it. that made me smile, and so did the baklava.
sweet texts from f also made me smile (thank you).
and now i'm home alone enjoying some silence and downtime.
thank you for reading.

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