Sunday, April 15, 2007

i <heart> vegemite and tahini on toast.

yesterday mich and i went to the NGV (national gallery of victoria)
and saw the most wonderful exhibition of pre-columbian mexican
sculptures. they are just incredible. these brilliant characterful
ceramic creations, in lovely warm colours. i am going to go back and
sketch them some time soon, if evidence doesn't appear please do feel
free to give me a nudge in that direction.
i am having some issues getting my photos onto flickr at the moment,
so i'm not updating nearly as often as i'd like to. also as of
thursday i will be computerless, until i earn enough to buy myself a
laptop. top of the priority list, that is. i'll also have no landline
at my new place (apparently it's a bit of a melbourne thing... not so
good for us homesick foreigners!) so communication will be at an all
time low. eek!
thanks to those of you who've been texting me since i left my number
here, very cool to have that contact!
i'm going to go make dinner now, rice and beans and spice and veges
and stuff. yum.
love to you all
xxx e

ps. big shout out to vanessa and fidel who got married (as far as i
know...) a couple of days ago! and a big hug to F, the newest member
of my ever-increasing fanbase..

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