Friday, April 06, 2007

i'm sad because i checked my emails just now and there were none. i guess
that's what happens though, you disappear from home and no one follows you.
and i know it doesn't mean that people aren't thinking of me sometimes and
wondering how i am. i guess most of my chch friends just aren't the keeping
in touch types. which sucks.
oh well.
i'm writing this from a dirty house that smells constantly of either fresh
or stale cigarette smoke. five days in i'm almost accustomed to it. another
week and a half i think. i texted the girls at the brunswick house to say
that i wanted the room, but neither have replied. should i be worried? i'm
not sure. got to keep positive i guess.
yesterday aaron offered me a bike. it's old and red and is called "lady bird
3". cute. and once the brakes and seat and stuff are all sorted it'll be
good to go.
i'm a bit sad today. maybe it's a good friday feeling. well, i could almost
believe that if i had any connection to the christian festivals.
i'm so glad michelle has arrived, it makes a difference to have her here in
this big city.

edit: what the fuck is with macs? sheesh.

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