Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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yes, really, melbourne is all about the coffee.
this one wasn't so great, but it sure looks good doesn't it?
mich and i went out to st. kilda yesterday. when i lived here before that's where i used to spend most of my time when i wasn't working. good cafes interesting shops.. and the beach. yesss, so good to see the sea again. i forget how much i took it for granted in chch, even though i didn't live near the beach i somehow managed to be there at least a couple of times a week.
it's a pity accomodation prices are so high in st. kilda and surrounding 'burbs.
i have an interview at an organic shop tomorrow afternoon, please cross your fingers for me. ideally i'd like to start with just part time work, so i can go frollick in sydney for a few days, and check out places like warberton and healesville and geelong and the likes. all of which are pretty close to melbourne, yay!
there's a wildlife sanctuary in healesville, i'd like to go and see that. make friends with some snakes or something.
only 2 more sleeps till i move into my brunswick house! huzzah!

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