Sunday, March 28, 2004

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i stole that from this guy. hope he doesn't mind...
and check this out too if you haven't already. thanks frank.

today it's bloody cold i'm unimpressed. very. i want sunshine and lollypops. oh, here's something very exciting... the dickhead flatmate (cam) has finally moved out. what a relief! and to make that even better... i've persuaded the others that we needn't get another perspn and we can have that as a spare room / studio. yay! i'll be paying lots more rent (i can afford it, marce and bex can't so i'm gonna pay the bulk of it) but i think it's worth it to finally have some real space i can do my art in! and we figure it'll make a great wee hanging out room for winter, gets lots of sun and it's small which means it'll be real easy to heat. i'm excited! now i just need to find some time to sort it all out and make it into a working studio... then find some time to do some painting...
i got horrendously drunk on friday night. gin. damn stuff, tastes so good but hurts so bad. i even threw up in the morning. yuck. i never do that. my liver must be so shot, i didn't actually drink very much. damn 18 year old binge drinking, now i can't handle any at all! though it sounds like poor jeff was even more sick than me... :-(
enough about the hangover. the party was good fun, i was in a particularely bratty/happy mood and i had a great night!
i just got an email from a good friend who told me that she's moving to melbourne. shit. it's too far to visit. and it costs more to send letters there. 40c i can handle, $1.50 is pushing it a bit. she's one of those people who i write to quite often, usually on a whim with no particular news to convey. i like writing those letters. or cards, or random bits of paper. so if any of you want a real live snail mail letter from me send me your meatspace address. i'll be happy to oblige.
ta ta for now.

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