Thursday, March 04, 2004

Helpfull Info for the Day:

OOS/RSI has something to do with the build up of lacitc acid in the affected muscles. this is countered best by the B vitamin Pangamate, which is found in brewers yeast, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.
these don't necessarily act as a magical cure, but apparently they're good at relieving the symptoms and speeding recovery. so there you go, OOS sufferers. eat your seeds!
(by the way, they're also good for regulating blood sugar levels as they have a low G.I. (glycaemic index) rating which means that they release their energy over a long period of time, a very good thing. yay for seeds!)

*i'm not at work today*

my flatmate's dad got an Oscar (sound mixing, Lord of the fucking Rings... or course). god, i'm just glad the Oscar hype is going to die down a bit now. yes, i think it's great that they did so well. i don't think of 'they' as 'we' though. surprisingly i managed to sit through most of the awards, not a small feat. what lame acceptance speeches! at least last time there was some emotional anti-war yelling and the likes. and booing, that was fun. but this time was so BORING! see, that's why i don't bother to watch those shows on the whole. celebrities seem to have so little personality (gotta love those broad sweeping generalisations...)

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