Wednesday, March 31, 2004

hola mi amigos
i have two things to address today: coriander and meatspace-blogtalk.
coriander first. i hate the stuff, as you probably know from a certain previous post. so, here's where things get crazy: i ate some the other day and actually, well, kind of liked it. breakthrough! ami kennedy is my new god. no-one else has ever managed to render coriander edible. she is amazing. really. if she ever offers you pumpkin soup scream "YES!"
and the other thing. i have a slight problem with people chatting to me about my blog in 'meatspace'. like "hey, i read your post about what a tosser i am, and do you really feel totally unloved by all your peers?" fuck off! for me the fucking point of having a blog is that it's pretty much like a journel. as in, don't talk to me about it! use the obvious format and COMMENT if you want to share your opinion. that's why i enabled comments. get it?

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