Friday, February 06, 2004

gaaa. i hurt. i've had a really shitty headache for the last couple of days and it's just not fucking LEAVING!!! am pissed off and my neck hurts and i just spent a frustrating 3 hours at work [check out my new link!] on my own getting more confused by the moment. nothing is ever straight-forward is it?
and i had a big argument with flatmate last night, about the usual bullshit stuff: rubbish and recycling and dishes and the fact that he's a lazy asshole and i'm a controlling bitch (all true, i do admit). though one good thing came of it, i thought "fuck this" and decided to make a call i've been thinking about for a while. so, i talked to Greg for the first time in over a year. wow. weird. good. he sounds like a bloody aussie! anyways, it was really good to talk to him and i'm extra-looking-forward-to seeing him in may.
i'm in desperate need of a decent coffee, so i'm going to go and hunt one down right about now. ish. yep, probably in a couple of minutes. hmm.

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