Tuesday, February 24, 2004

a new entry, at last! hooray!
life, as usual, has been a bunch of conflicting and confusing emotions of late. what fun. actually, fun isn't the overriding feeling of the last few weeks. more along the lines of depression and angst.
went to a wedding on saturday. steve and v. it was nice. but i'm still not tempted to get hitched. a certain someone (yes, i'm refering to jeff) managed to arrive after the ceremony had finished... well done. we were all very impressed. [hah]
oh that's right, i was going to write about our anti-valentines day party. the printer smashing went okay. as in, it got smashed. other than that the experience wasn't that great. the photos are funny though, especially the before and after shots. jeff scared me. hadn't seen him doing anything katate-ish before. yikes! and then we went our separate ways and i got horrendously drunk with the girls (was v's hens night) and regretted it all the next day. see, that's why i don't drink. the hangover totaly out weighs the actual drunkness. erk.
shit, this entry is a load of crap. i'm stopping now.

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