Saturday, February 07, 2004

i feel the need to rant some more about a certain person who was a friend for a long time and now isn't. yeah, you know who i mean. don't really have anything in particular to rant about, just a big misshapen bag of emotional crap. still have lots of resentment, more than i expected. it's all coming to the surface again...
perhaps i'll just not deal with anything that's going on in my head/life. that's worked, er, well in the past. heee. because of that kind of shit i moved to australia for a year. and of course nothing fundamental had changed when i got home... though it was a fucking brilliant year. lots of random snogs (eek! i was so young and stupid!) which have made for lots of random stories (god, how many times have i told the one about falling down the steps at the train station?). carlene, my travelling buddy. how i miss her. how i love her. (hello babe, if you're reading!)
i was feeling pretty low when i arrived at work today. and so were a couple of my workmates. that helped. and i don't mean i was happy that they were feeling shit, but it was nice to feel that affinity with them. i'm growing to care about these people.
i guess i'm just not very happy at the moment. sigh.

ps. he didn't shag her. phew.

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