Sunday, February 29, 2004

today i went on a shopping mission with my mother. it was not a pleasant experience. firstly i had a few moments of pannicked terror on the drive to the shopping-hell-land, i'm sure there are rules about indicating and such like? or perhaps they don't apply to middle aged kindergarten teachers driving racey alfa romeos...? she's the sort of driver that pisses me off when i'm on the road anywhere near them. so, not a good start to the day. and to make matters *way* worse she'd turned up at my place before i'd had time to make a coffee. you can imagine that my levels of tolerance were already diminished...
and the actual shopping: yuck. crap sweat-shop shoes, crying kids, angry white-trash mums, superficial sales assistants. just the usual. how is it that i forget how awful it is between shopping trips? and that pressure to buy something because otherwise your 'spree' will be unsuccessful. gaaaa!
so please, dear friends, if i ever mention to you that i'm thinking of going shopping with my ma TIE ME TO A CHAIR AND DO EVERYTHING WITHIN YOUR POWER TO STOP ME! thanks.

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