Wednesday, February 25, 2004

i've spent so much bloody time wandering around cyber-land that now i've forgotten what i was going to write about. my typing's getting good though...
i'm off to see 'Big Fish' tonight with fishboy (how appropriate). hope it's as good as it looks.
so, who can tell me how to lift heavy boxes to head level without rupturing ones spleen (or other important bits)? my back is so sore. damn physical labour. and whoever would've thought that eroica would end up in a job which required some element of physical ability? hah.
i'm half way through my 7th week at Piko, which means that in a week or so i'll be yayed or nayed by the co-op crew, thus becoming a member or not. eek!
had sabine for a packing buddy this morning, very nice. god, i did nearly 4 hours of packing today, i don't know how i managed it! 3 hours is *definately* enough. after that that madness starts to set in...
something i learned today: sucanat is evaporated cane juice. cool. i can still taste it in the back of my throat. not co cool.
oh, how's this for sweet? a friend came out with this a couple of weeks ago:

"i didn't want to become friends with you because i was so busy, but i just liked you! i don't know what to do about it!"

lucky for me she couldn't help herself, because she's become a very good friend! ha ha, funny girl. i was thinking today about girl versus guy friends. whether there is much fundamental difference. i'll get back to you on that one.
good bye my pretties, take care.

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