Wednesday, February 11, 2004

i know there's other things i've said i'd write about, but at the moment i want to tell you all about what a freaking moron i can be.
you know how i've mentioned that woman at work who i have a bit of a thing for (hah, bit)? well i was out last night having coffee with a few of the girls (my darlings!) and she walked in. [be still, my heart...] so i got up to say hi and this is what came out of my mouth: "hi! i've been thinking about you all day!"
it just kinda popped out. and i somehow managed to save myself and the situation, but i have no idea what i actually said. what a fucking slip! anyways, she said that she'd been thinking about me too (aaargh!), presumably in relation to work-related stuff. ha ha, ain't life a ball. saw her today, tried not to flirt (it was hard!).
and, to make yesterday even more bizarre, i told a customer i was stalking them... a joke obviously... and they didn't laugh. oh fuck. just one of those days. :-)

here's something cool, and oddly fitting: let me set the scene. to those of you who don't know, one of my nicknames is Bobo. i was having a [lame]conversation with my [very quiet] flatmate this morning and somehow got onto Spanish names. so, i got out my Spanish/English dictionary and this is what i found: "Bobo a. silly, stupid. m. idiot, fool."
ha ha, hahah hahah ha. ha ha. i like that. when i go to south america i will be known by some as the village idiot. excellent!

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