Monday, February 02, 2004

Friendship. A ship full of friends. Often heading out towards the horizon rather than the shore. *[snigger. That’s so lame]*
Have been feeling a tad alone of late. Sure, I have lots of dear friends. And lately it feels like things are changing with many of them, and I’m not sure what the future holds. Usually I like that uncertainty. At the moment things seem a bit bleak. I was pretty unhappy about that kind of stuff last night, wasn’t sure if a "friend" actually liked me much. Turns out he does still like me, relief! I have a lot of love for this person and I hope that he knows how great I think he is. Even when he’s being mean or grumpy or smelly. Maybe especially then, I figure that in a way that’s a sign of a good friendship. Liking someone even when they smell and say nasty things. Ha ha. Though, being honest here, I’d like to hear nice things once in a while too. ;-) [xxx]
Anyways. Dunedin was good, rainy, cold, quiet (note to self: try to get into the city before 3am if in search of a night-life). The art was cool. And the basket of wooden blocks in the corridor by the toilets provided a welcome break from the intellectual arty stuff. We made a pyramid. And got some funny looks. Well worth it. Actually, in my experience, if I get weird looks from strangers while doing something it usually means it’s something good to do. Down with normality! Down with conformity! Down with escalators!

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