Tuesday, February 10, 2004

oh what a beautiful morning... shame i have to work today. bah!
had a very strange day at work yesterday. towards the end of the day i began to find everything(!) terribly amusing, resulting in bouts of that uncontrollable laughter that bursts out at the seams because you're trying so hard not to give in to it. almost scared myself. yeah, i kind of did scare myself.
and then i spent about 3 hours helping in a full scale puppy-search. hope he's turned up safe and sound, lisa and steve were pretty stressed. :-(
i've been listening to a lot of kd lang lately. not entirely unusual. though perhaps more consciously at the moment. shit, this is doing my head in. attraction, it pops up in the most bizarre places. and there's so little that can be done about it! i had a laugh with my flatmate the other night about our similar-but-not situations. he's always having crazy times in relationships, i'm always having crazy times out of relationships. i am finding life very amusing at the moment. i think it's rather a case of laughing or crying, and i'm choosing to laugh at the moment. though there has been some crying too.
still finding the jeff and alex thing pretty hard.
it's hard to describe emotional pain. but there is a physical sensation, isn't there? i feel like my chest is caving in. slowly and inevitably. that's the best i can do at describing it.

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